Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sanity's requiem and Where does the time go?

“Let’s all have some Indian TEA!”

Ok, I'm lazy, and I don't post to this thing very often anyway, but I must show all three people and one dog that view this blog that I am indeed still alive!I just looked at it was July when I last posted to this, it's now October.OC-FRIGGEN-TOBER where did the time vanish to?Oh, and for Pete’s sake, can the corporations at least let us get Halloween out of the way before they stuff Christmas down our throats for a good two months?Other news is that First Encounter Assault Recon is out on Friday [woo!] and I have just had my 4th driving lesson and according to my Driving instructor I’m getting pretty good at it, still stalling though.
*coughs and gets the shifty eyes*
Moving on to other-more-NS-related things we move onto the subject of Nanakaland and Allanea.Possibly the greatest pair of prize twits I will possibly ever come across in my life, let alone the internet. delightful piece of stupidity is a joint effort by these two offering "unbiased news"....I have never met a pair that is so blatantly biased that they have to tell you that they are supposedly "unbiased". Being "unbiased" or at least appearing unbiased requires subtlety.And neither of these people have enough wit or subtlety to fill an egg cup, let alone enough for a blog.But I suppose stupidity is a necessary part to a so-called "free to anyone" medium of communication.Everyone is biased in their own way, I am and I sure as heck ain’t ashamed to admit it, I just happen to sit in a rather large similarly-biased group of people.

In their case it's based on their pure unadulterated hatred of the moderator team and one Dread Lady Nathicana [sorry for the name drop Mi Donna], stop it for God's sake before you cause the entire community, aside from you similar minded friends from either bursting out into spontaneous laughter whenever your name is mentioned, and I can tell you both [because I know you read this Boris] that you’re so close it’s un-bel-ie-va-ble, or just ignoring your existence as human beings, let alone members of NS.

A great Actor/doctor once said “Everybody lies”.
I can tell you both you are some of the most terrible liars I have ever seen.You lied about the mods so-called “aggressive behaviour” over the attempted merger of the NS2 channels. That wasn’t the mods that was me a member of the community that you supposedly have taken upon yourself to “represent” as our unelected officials, next time you attack a moderator, expect a response from a mod-further up the food chain because of a community members stupidity/arrogance/dickery. I suggest you retire from your crusade, or carry on till your effects wear off on people, so you do more extreme things and are subsequently banned.

Final part of this rant and I am done. Knoot. How very lovely of you to sum up me as nothing more than a person who “sucks up to the moderators and their ilk” or words to this effect. [lost the quote, shoot me]Instead, let’s try “getting to know them as members of the community [such as yourself] or, God help me, human beings? Or maybe I like their writing style and wish to compliment it? They’re not mythical constructs designed to protect and cuddle you because you had a boo-boo, they’re human beings with human needs and human emotions, biases, political lineage, beliefs and goodness knows what else. Stop throwing the toys from the pram before you too get lumped under the same grouping as above.

And finally…I take the Mick out of everyone or anyone, generalities, IIers, NSers, Mods, I don’t do “biased because you belong to $_group” It’s not my style; if I want to take the Mick I will do so because of the individual, not an entire group. Talk to Nathi, talk to GMCMA, talk to anybody if you don’t believe me, I’ve sure as hell taken the Mick outta them on more than one occasion.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Ok, so, I have not updated this thing in a loooooooooooooooong while, today is July 3rd and it is the morning after the night before of Live 8.
Where many many artists performed "for nothing".
Yes, because they are so not going to get millions of records sold as a result for showing they have a heart.

So, things in Nationstates have been going smoothly, and I am trying to work out various storylines and RPs and the like in the vain hope of getting some decent writing together. Perhaps Knoot should revive that elfy treasure hunt thread, I could do with pulling off some absolutely stupid eccentricity stuff.

I'm also having fun expanding my comical diplomatic duo Daniel Dyer and his mysterious bodyguard "Bratcher" in Euroslavia.

Now for a general rant about people who try to interact with Mars, it seems to me that the Red Planet, when lovely and calm and stable this very simple series of events happen.
  1. $stupid_alien_race comes to Mars, makes demands for land.
  2. $stupid_alien_race gets snubbed by Duma or nation on Mars
  3. $stupid_alien_race gets annoyed by this, threatens with wanky/insignificant weaponry.
  4. $Mars_nation[s] laughs at pathetic/wanky weaponry, shows off numbers and laughs some more at the race.
  5. $stupid_alien_race starts shooting
  6. $Mars_nations shoot back due to unwanted and warfare with the casus beli of "He hurt my feelings".
  7. Rinse and Repeat.

Now, because this has happened twice I am getting generally annoyed about it, it is a poor and shoddy excuse for people to get off over their weaponry, it is also very very saddening to see that people think that go to Mars think it is their God given right to get land it is past pathetic. This is not the USA in the 1790's and 1800's, this is Nationstates and people tend to spit on poor manners, ask nicely and don't turn up with a giant fleet with "peaceful intentions". It's like walking around with a gun and asking for the time by pointing it at people and yelling.


Monday, April 18, 2005

blog link

Still trying to work stuff out, meh to it, not really up for a massive update yet.

Another blog link:

Friday, April 01, 2005

April fools! And Zomg! religious Bigots!

RAR! April fools day, and White rabbits to you!
Not sure what he whole "White rabbits" thing is about, but still.

So, rather entertaining fun facts today, ze wonderful Imperatrice Nathicana from Nationstates created her own Blog of Doom [here: ]

And with some rather entertaining stuff on the fellow known as "Decisive Action" a notorious RPer who make blatant textual sex and various flaming remarks on homosexuals and such, even called Bush a satanic worshipper, but still, I digress slightly

Anyway, some intresting tit bit facts to prod into Nathi's blog, nice edition.

Decisive Action is Fascist white states, these are support on the fact that his pictures, attitude and RPing style is the same, the same pictures of him looking like a foot soldier from Act of War: Direct action, and the same weapons arsenal
[Consisting of roughly 20 weapons, all unregistered and at least 3 being illegal according to the Automatics ban of 1993]

The same religious praising and sermons over MSN, including random quotes from the bible that bare little note to the conversation at the time.
[his favourite being the one about homosexuals not being ashamed of their sin]
Long reams of blatantly copied text, again bareing no relation to the task at hand, ever last word being rehtoric.

"The Knights of Malta" being part of his MSN address, I have had this MSN now added twice, as my memory serves me.
He, and his freind Kahta have altered their logs slightly so they always look the innocent party, once such instance of DecA watching the entirety of the Notting Hill Gay Pride March in the UK, which was televised.

So, we had the terrible stink of him again, but still.

Always enrtaining to hear him blow a gasket over how he wants to kill people, he gets in plenty of target practise, so who knows.

Oh, and he also likes a 43 year old woman... he is 19 years old.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

oooh, shineh

Ok, hello there!
I'm Midlonia on the game Nationstates, or James to every bugger and his dog.
so, this will be my evil blog of doom where I shall post exciting tales and myths, or bits of my pretty boring life, whichever I can come up with. :P

So, with a very short intro, I now go onto.... MY LIFE!


And that's about it!

Ok, I'll be serious now.
So! Great! Free periods today as I go to school! which rapidly turn into THREE due to our history teacher having to teach our darling, if unwashed, masses of "Year 10's" the wonders of....

Testicular Cancer.

Yes, I had failed to realise it, but it was that particular time of year, a fairly nice time when our teachers tell us of the worring statistics of Testicular and Brest Cancer.
As amusing as it sounds, I do feel sorry for our teachers on having to do such a difficult job, the fact this is done under the auspicies of the government too is equally intresting.

However, fair play to them, I certainly could not stand infront of a class of boys and talk bollocks, quite literally, with pictures to match. ^_^

Respect to the Teachers, great respect.